Wendy Rapson

Kindergarten teacher, Foster School

Describe your experience as a computer science fellow. 

“My experience has been especially exciting as I have been learning with the kids.  It is a shared experience as we explore technology together.  My students have really enjoyed taking part in partner work with our iPads.  Additionally, we have been exploring apps that tap into their creative sides.”


How has the professional development enriched your teaching?

“The professional development has definitely shown me a broader world of use for technology in my classroom. This technology can be integrated throughout the curriculum. The fellowship has introduced me to more creative materials through its collaborative relationships.”

What new skills or tools have you learned?“I’ve had the opportunity to build upon my knowledge of technology.  Specifically, I’ve learned a lot about coding and how this can be accessible to my kindergarten students.”

What does computer science integration “look like” in your classroom?

“My kindergarten students enjoy using and manipulating Beebots.  They collaborate with each other to explore this technology.  Research has shown that students learn more in partner groups.”

Describe a favorite CS lesson that you have tried with your students.

“My favorite CS lesson has been our use of the green screen to augment our ‘get to know you’ book.  This shared experience enabled group cohesion among the class much sooner in the school year than in previous years. The technology definitely enhanced the experience for my students.”


How have students responded to the new computer science lessons?

“My students have responded very positively.  They love playing the math game they developed.  Computer science is not only “cool” but necessary.  Children really need these skills earlier in life, and it’s exciting to see their excitement.”

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