Funding grants to educate, enrich, and inspire excellence in every student.



The Hingham Education Foundation is a non-profit, community-based organization committed to enriching the quality of public education in Hingham. Since its incorporation in 1992, HEF has awarded grants to enhance educational quality throughout the system. These grants have provided funding for innovative classroom projects, development of teaching strategies, special programs, new books and materials, improving technology and more.


Funds for HEF’s programs are generated through community contributions, and all monies raised are used to extend public funding for the schools. All donations, in-kind contributions, and volunteer hours are gratefully accepted. For further information, please contact us at hinghameducation@gmail.com. HEF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.​

Board of Trustees

President:  Eryn Kelley

Vice President:  Kate Dennis

Treasurer:  Steve LaRonde

Renee Bellinger

Kristin Catalfano

Ally Donnelly

Emily Dowal

Ally Hart

Jennifer Packard

Caroline Harb

Anya Reppucci

Aimee Sargent

Christian Stone

Rob Windsor